About Us

The love for aesthetics and interior design, the need to organize our busy lives to spend the valuable time we have on the things and people that really mean a lot to us as well as annoyance towards clutter that we didn’t know where to put, when our home was supposed to look its best, is what inspired us to create this brand – OrganizerLogic..

Our life is fast, we want to achieve and do so many things and we’re always looking to improve. We all want to have a beautiful and organized home that we can enjoy. Versatile and practical products that quickly organize your living room, home office, bathroom, garden, nursery or bedroom is what we’ve set out to provide you. Our first product – a storage basket, made from jute.

Along with the most friendly customer service and family-friendly prices, we hope to exceed your expectations, to make your life easier, more enjoyable and add just a touch more style. If you ever have any suggestions or would like to give us some feedback, you are welcome to contact us at support@organizerlogic.com and you will be our priority!

Happy Organizing!