Canvas Toys Basket with Handles - Multi Color

Organizer Logic’s lightweight and attractive canvas storage baskets are perfect for organizing your home. Our home organizer is built to withstand abuse from wet laundry and keeps the contents of the storage basket safe from dirt. Here are some more features:

  • The waterproof fabric makes it easy to use the canvas storage basket in the bathroom, as a pantry organizer, or even outside the home.
  • The open-top design keeps the items accessible. Ease of access makes it a good toy storage solution and lets kids easily pick toys up and put them back in when they are done.
  • These lightweight canvas storage bins come with reinforced handles that make it easier to carry them around.
  • Wire-rimmed edges help keep the shape intact.
  • Easy to clean. Wet wipes would do the job.
  • The large size takes care of all home organization needs.
  • Comes in different colors.





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