How to find an Organization Style that Fits Your Personalit

To some people, organizing everything in their life comes naturally whilst to others it does not. While being organized makes living life more efficient and effective and increases one’s daily productivity levels, it is important to decipher that not everyone has the same methods of staying organized. If one way does not work for you, we might have many other methods that fit your personality traits!

If you’re a Perfectionist

If you seek perfection in every field of life, you leave no exception in cleaning and organizing too. Howsoever, it is important to organize according to needs occasionally, rather than style. Stocking up on storage boxes is a good option for you to manage both style and ease. You can allocate a storage box to each of your room, perhaps even a separate one for your everyday and formal wear shoes. You can use your abilities to decorate the storage boxes according to use. This way you’ll be both; a perfectionist of style and a perfectionist in the organizing process!

If you’re a Sentimentalist

It is tough for you to get rid of the clutter in your room, the piled-up mess in your house because you feel emotionally attached to your belongings! Even though it is alright to get attached to things, one needs to know when to let them go. In order to organize, you can get a storage kit or canvas basket to put in things that you do not need. For every new thing that you get, make a rule to put an old one in the storage basket. This way, you won’t be stocking up on things.

If you’re a Procrastinator

If you’re a lazy person who feels irked when it is time to organize, you should definitely try OrganizerLogic’s 7-day Organization challenge (insert the link of the blog post). Suitable for every age, this challenge will make you classify your belongings and clean up the mess bit by bit and in seven days, you’ll be proud of your organized self! 

“Organizing to me was such a stressful task. My husband gifted me a jute basket from OrganizerLogic and before I knew it, I had a couple of those babies and now I actually like organizing!” – Naira Francis