How to Prepare for Efficient Spring Cleaning

Step one: start with a strawberry daiquiri.  Okay, we're just kidding.  Like drunk driving or bike riding, cleaning the house while tipsy can be hazardous to your health.

Try out this delicious green smoothie recipe instead.

Yet, many of us approach spring cleaning like some kind of death sentence, rather than an opportunity to reimagine our homes once a year.  The trick to making the process painless lies in proper planning.

So get thee to an online store that specializes in organizing baskets and bins, load up on your favorite cleansers, and slap on some feather-trimmed cleaning gloves.  It's time to get down and dirty with spring cleaning and a few simple guidelines can carry you through.

Clear the Schedule

All you have to do is utter the word "cleaning" and you're more likely to clear the decks than clean them.  However, there's no need to go it alone.  Setting up a schedule of cleaning ensures that you and your family members are free to tackle this top-to-bottom task.

Armed with cleanser, rags, and jute baskets galore you should be able to whip your dingy, winter wasteland into shape post haste when the entire family pitches in.

Create Checklists

Your first checklist for spring cleaning should include preparatory items like cleaning solvents and storage baskets.  Once you're stocked, it's time to get to the nitty-gritty.

You should make a checklist for each room that covers everything from ceiling to floor (and every little hidey-hole in between).  Don't forget the hall, or the no-man's land that is the hall closet.

With checklists in hand, you can not only give every family member a very specific accounting of what needs to be cleaned room by room, but you can also make like Santa and check it twice to ensure optimal cleanliness.

Create Playlists

You don't want to admit how long it's been since you traded mix tapes with romantic interests, but you can put this old-school idea to modern use by creating playlists jam-packed with your favorite upbeat tunes to make cleaning more fun.  You can even let other family members participate to ensure that every musical taste is represented.

Before you know it, you'll be filling storage drawers to the oldies and dropping it like it's hot, if by "it" you mean trash.

Call in the Pros

You may be capable of attaining a clutter-free home.  You might even have the stamina and drive to clean under furniture and inside the fridge.  By the time you're done with these tasks, though, your best intentions to steam clean carpets and scrub grout may have fizzled.

For these targeted tasks, think about hiring professionals that will come to your home and do the dirtiest of work for you.  If it gets the job done, splurge a bit on these tedious tasks while you take a break with that well-deserved daiquiri.

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