How to Add Countertop Storage in Your Bathroom

At work, you're probably the paragon of an organization. Even your communal living spaces remain relatively clean and clutter-free since rogue friends could drop by any minute and silently judge your household. That brings us to the pit of despair that is our bathroom countertop. Bachelors may be a known to not be the neatest, but even their notorious disarray is nothing compared to the mess that dominates the bathroom of a busy mom since she is the one that takes care of everyone else before herself, multitasks while blowdrying her hair and just when she finishes to put her make up on, already has to run to handle the day to day business of a mother.

Of course that leaves little time to perfectly organize the bathroom counter. With cosmetics galore to hide the telltale signs of sleepless nights, potions and powders to deal with the stains caused by spit-up and whatever other substances your kids manage to bring into contact with every piece of clothing you own, and enough anti-aging products to start a small beauty supply chain, your countertop is cluttered, to say the least.

However, the right countertop storage could take your cluttered, disorganized bathroom countertop from an episode of 'Hoarders' to 'The Martha Stewart Show' in no time flat.

What do you need to make this happen?

Implementing a system of storage drawers and organizing baskets that really work with your lifestyle is no easy feat, and it will take some amount of planning. It starts with taking measurements, which means it really begins by clearing everything off the counter. This will give you a chance to look at products and decide what should go and what should stay. Do you really need that sparkle eye shadow from high school prom or the original bottle of Vamp nail polish that is so gummy you can barely twist the top off? If clutter is a problem, it's high time you learned to part with outdated items.

You know, the first step to a clutter-free lifestyle is admitting you may not really need all that you have and remember the last time you have actually used it.

Once you've reduced the clutter somewhat, take your measurements and look online for appropriate storage solutions such as drawers, transparent containers (those work really well for lip sticks, nail polishes and eyeshadow) and suitable baskets in different sizes for storing your stuff. Remember to think not just out, but up. Counter space in your bathroom is at a premium so make every square inch count with modular solutions that allow you to add more over time, as well as storage products that stack upward to maximize utility.

Look for specialized storage, as well, such as custom containers designed for toothbrushes, razors, makeup brushes, and other items that might not fit easily into a drawer.

Make it fun. Depending on your favorite style, decide on the materials that you would like use and take it as an opportunity to not only organize and save yourself time in the morning but also add a bit more style to your home. Plastic is very common and easy to find but there are many other materials that can be used. If you can appreciate eco-friendly materials, think Bamboo to store make up and tooth brushes or small canvas baskets to neatly organize your everyday hair products or whatever you style you love.

With the right products in place and a positive attitude, every woman can have the clean, organized, and efficient bathroom countertop space needed to make getting ready each day a delight instead of a disaster.

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