Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged and House Organized During Spring Break

Some families go on vacation over spring break.  Since the kids are out of school and the tourist season in most locales is still weeks away, why not use up your vacation time and go somewhere that has sunlight?

Of course, not every parent can skip work for a week, and not every household can afford a pricy family vacation (even if prices are lower than summer rates).  However, you can't exactly turn your kids into Cinderella (pre-glass slipper) and get them to help with your spring cleaning.

Or can you?  If your kids are home all day anyway, why not find ways to make your dreams of a clutter-free home a reality?  Some might say it’s not a good idea, but if you can find a way to make cleaning out closets and organizing toy bins a blast, you get to spend more time with your kids, have a clean house and still have plenty of time left for your kids favorite activities.  Here are some strategies to employ:

Make it a Race

Toys are strewn across the house like so much debris left over after a tornado hits.  If you want kids to quickly organize their toys into the storage baskets you've thoughtfully provided for them, get yourself a stopwatch and whistle like the gym coach.

Create a start/finish line in the house and send kids scampering to pick up and put away the items that are theirs.  The first one to finish gets a gold star on your family chore chart.  Or reward them all with a trip to the park or another favorite spot for some play time that won't re-clutter the house.

Kids versus Parents

You can participate in race-type games by doing grown-up chores like washing dishes or sorting laundry into baskets while the kids pick up their clutter.  When the kids are united in racing against you they might be more motivated to team up and win.  Of course, you're the real winner and your prize is a clean house!

Make Cleaning Commercials

Most kids love to ham it up when they're on film, so if you want to have some fun with chores, whip out your phone and prompt kids to turn their tasks into infomercials for fictional cleaning products.

It doesn't matter if you're organizing storage drawers full of craft supplies, scrubbing toilets, or dusting and vacuuming - this is a great way to get fun and creative with cleaning.  Afterward you can pick the funniest videos to post for grandparents.

Once you got the spring cleaning off your mind, check out this article for some great ideas to entertain kids during spring break.

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