Get Ready for Christmas 2020 with these Home Organization Tips

Christmas is just around the corner but it will be a li’l different this time. We might not be able to meet our closest relatives & friends but we have our families to enjoy it with... And since we’ll be staying home, how about we declutter and organize it too? So let’s get ready for Christmas 2020 with Organizer Logic’s home organization tips.

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The idea here is to do something special this holiday while organizing your home. Make space for the Christmas tree & gifts you’ll be giving each other, focus on organizing pantry as there will be loads of baking & cooking to do, and maybe clean the living room too, where you’d be spending most of the time with each other. Here’s how you can get started.

1. Make Space for Christmas Tree & Gifts

If you are planning on placing the Christmas tree in the living room, make sure to first clean up the space. You can use Organizer Logic’s jute storage baskets to gather any toys the kids might’ve left there or organize the blankets you use when you’re binge-watching on Netflix.

Now, place the tree in a corner, by the fireplace maybe, & surround it with OL’s jute baskets labeled with everyone’s name, e.g; “gifts for Amanda”. You now have a dedicated corner for the gifts.

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Bonus tip: You can use our storage basket as a base for the Christmas tree too. Here’s some Christmas home décor inspiration for you...


2. Organize your Pantry

This part of your house is the most used daily, and on a holiday, it probably will see even more usage. You’ll be spending half the day baking & cooking for Christmas and it only makes sense if everything you need is easily accessible.

Start by taking out all the items from the cabinets, shelves, and refrigerator too. Now get rid of everything that’s not required and organize the remaining pantry essentials using OL’s home storage solutions. Separate baking products you’ll use to make sweets from the spices and other items required for cooking for Christmas.

3. Organizing Gift Wrapping Essentials

Having all the necessary gift wrapping items in one place is such a time saver and it also does not require a lot of space. We recommend using two separate storage baskets labeled “wrapping papers” and “wrapping tools”.

4. Create Space for Winter Clothing

Christmas means you are going to welcome winters too and it is a good idea to sort your clothing for this season. Take out all the summer clothing that needs to be washed and stored away. You can use OL’s canvas baskets with handles for laundry and then store them under the bed or in a closet in our jute baskets for the rest of the winters.

We know, home organizing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to doing it regularly. So start small and set achievable goals... Divide your preparation for the holidays into one small task daily.  Maybe sort a pantry cabinet one day, organize part of your living room the next, and make closet organization your goal for another. And when the big day comes, you won’t be just celebrating Christmas but home organization too.

 We’d love to know about your Christmas preparations... How are you celebrating it this year?

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